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Special Projects

From time to time we have been contracted to carry out projects that have stretched us a bit. We have still succeeded, however, in meeting the requirements of our clients.

Docsafe secure document storage

Docsafe clients' list

"Docsafe" Secure Document Storage

A national church growth charity asked us for a secure system, on which to store thousands of legal and other document copies that would be available to local church trustees instead of withdrawing the originals from banks etc. We provided a custom-built two-layer security system, several levels of access and editing permissions and unlimited database capacity on our server.

As of June 2014, the organisation has lodged over 4,000 document copies on the system belonging to 124 different churches and with 78 users administering or accessing them.

The organisation's head office has an overall site administrator, who can upload copied documents (mostly as pdf files, although the system will take Microsoft Word or Excel files as well). The administrator can create new clients (churches) and users and allocate administrators over groups of churches belonging to the same ministry.

 St Martins High School for Girls     

 St Martins High School for Girls

St Martin's High School for Girls

This popular church-based school in South London wanted a large site to encompass all its many and varied activities and academic provision. Our editing system enabled the school to make full use of video and other media to present themselves.
The school's Home Page majors on using electronic media to showcase its many facilities. We used a large "slideshow" carousel to emphasise visual elements of the site. We also provided Twitter and Instagram widgets and designed a custom video carousel linked to their Youtube account.

We have since added a dedicated sixth form site with a similar layout. We were able to help the school save money by installing it as a sub-domain on the existing main website.