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"Site-Builder" dynamic menu system

"Site-Builder" is our unique system for creating, moving and sorting as many pages as you want on your site. You can easily add and re-order pages as drop-down menu items or move a page onto the top level menu. Every change you make is reflected instantly on your site.

You can also set the visibility of a page, so if you are drafting its content or awaiting approval, you can set the page visibility to "no" and only those with access to the admin area will be able to see it. As soon as you are ready, switch visibility to "yes" and the page is public.

Site-builder module

In the image above, top level menu items are shown with no parent, while fine pages are shown as a drop-down menu under "About Us". Some pages have been set so they cannot be deleted and all pages here are visible (ie public).

As you move pages around, the changes are reflected in a "tree" on the "Site-Builder" page, which gives you an instant check on changes you have made.

You can, of course, also delete entire pages, but make sure the content is saved somewhere. Deleting from an online database is final!