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Viruses, Trojans, malware, phishing... Security is most surely one of your biggest concerns as the proud owner of a website for your church, charity or business. Nasty people are always trying to find weaknesses and loopholes in websites and web servers and exploit them for evil purposes or just for sick fun!

In our early years as a web development company, this was a prime issue for us. If we couldn't supply sites that were as secure as we could reasonably make them, then who would want to buy a site from us! As our content management system has grown and advanced, we have progressively added more security features as the nasty hackers get nastier and more cunning!!

We are not perfect, but we strive to provide the best security by taking these measures :

  1. We write code that guards against the commonest ways of inserting harmful code into a website

  2. We ensure that files that carry out sensitive actions, insert information into a database or store access passwords etc are located where a hacker cannot reach (ie not where the site's public files are held)

  3. We use a server company with an excellent record of supplying secure web servers with strong firewalls

  4. We have our own dedicated server for all our clients' sites, which is a further guard against hackers

We are glad to say that the server company where our web server is located provides excellent security, backup and support functions. All sites are backed up every 24hrs and their response to support requests is first class. These things give us confidence in Hostdime, the company we use to host your website on.

We have recently (December 2015) installed a package of new security measures on our server in response to the ever-increasing risk of hackers on the internet.