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Email Support

Your professional image is greatly enhanced when your staff email addresses share the same domain your website is on. It is all part of forming a corporate or cohesive identity for your church structure, charity or business.

Our server software allows us to allocate email addresses to your domain and we are happy to set you up with an unlimited number of email addresses, should you need them.

As you are probably aware, you can access emails on the web with webmail or by setting up your email address in a desktop email client (like Microsoft Live, Thunderbird or similar). We will supply you with a webmail login to access your messages directly on the server. We can also supply you with the settings needed to include your email addresses in your desktop software.

 We do, however, have to make one or two caveats!

Having said the above, most of our clients experience no problems at all with emails based on their domain and we will always offer to set these up for you. Contact us if you want to discuss this further.