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Google imports

We might not always be too happy with the global reach and domination of Google, but they do turn out some excellent and highly effective products. Rather than reinvent the wheel (or calendar or map), we have made use of Google's embedding facilities to allow you to insert three of their most popular products onto any page on your website. 

All these can be inserted directly from the page editor with a couple of mouse clicks.

Google Calendar

Google calendarYou will need an account on Google to set up and edit calendar entries, but we will copy the embed code form your account and use it to create a custom module that you can insert from our page editor onto one or more of your site's pages.

Google calendars can be presented by default as month or week grids or as a list of events. We will set the default you prefer beforehand.

Once the calendar has been set up for you, we provide a facility for you to make small changes to the embed code (eg the size of the calendar window) or to reconfigure it in Google and import the amended code complete.


Google Map

Google MapWe will set up a standard map pointer on your exact location on Google maps and provide the embed code ready to insert into any page on your site. We will also personalise the pop-up "bubble" that summarises your location and allows for a "directions" link as well.

All the google maps we set up can be used by your visitors to find directions to your location.


Youtube Videos

YoutubeOur page editor, Innova Live Editor, includes a Youtube insert icon in the toolbar, opening a search window where you can find your own or another video anywhere on Youtube. You can then set a size for the initial window and style it with a frame before inserting it in your page.