Interface Content Management System
websites specially for churches, charities and small businesses!

From us to you

Us and our clients

We are web developers specialising in content management. We are not designers, so we work alongside graphic and web designers. They apply their skills and we apply ours to supply you with a site that takes the best from both fields.

Our normal procedure for a new client is :

  1. We work with you and a graphic designer on a design package for your new site
  2. We ascertain what functions you will need on the site
  3. We agree and both sign a contract and you pay us a deposit (usually around 30-40% of the total cost of the site)
  4. Once we have your deposit we go full steam ahead to build your site
  5. We provide a full day of training on the Interface system before the site goes live
  6. Once the site is complete, tested and live on the internet, you pay us the balance of the cost of the site
  7. After the site is live, we continue to provide email and telephone support for any problems you may have

Supporting our clients is of prime importance for us. If you have a problem, discover a gremlin we've missed or need a change on your site, you will have direct email or telephone access to the graphic designer and developer who put your site together. We are on friendly first-name terms with all our sites' administrators and we do our utmost to get any problems sorted out in the shortest possible time.